The greatest satisfaction in life comes from helping others to fulfill their potential — and the people who surround us will do the same — and we will witness a new spirit of collaboration.

R. Scott Pulsifer, CFA, CFP®

Managing Partner, Financial Life Planner

Career Highlights: I have 25 years of experience helping private clients. I love doing this.


I learned the term financial planning at the library before it became everyday speech. This idea captivated me. I wanted to help individuals and become an expert in various financial matters.

I left my New York City internship at Merrill Lynch to join an independent firm in New Jersey, where I helped corporate executives and their families with financial planning. It was a great opportunity; I became a financial planner early in my career.

I was recruited to Washington, D.C., where I developed technical solutions at Ernst & Young, LLP. There, I created financial models to help my clients answer questions like, In what shape is my financial future? When can I retire? It required extensive coding to pioneer this. The firm adopted my solution nationwide to help all the other advisors with their clients. Very rewarding and challenging, but the music stopped when the firm started promoting tax shelters and I saw senior partners go to jail. Fortunately, I knew better, and I didn’t promote any schemes.

Then I relocated to Washington, D.C. to join the largest branch of Morgan Stanley. There, I developed my entrepreneurial spirit as a Wealth Advisor. I became informed of the role of big money center banks and their financial systems, achieving top growth marks and training privileges. Along this journey, I discovered that my personality and philosophical approach to service were more personalized and comprehensive. In other words, I value advice over products. With this experience and realization, plus the welcome opportunity to unite our families near Philadelphia, I returned, full circle, to independent financial planning. Here, I founded Junto Wealth to help my clients achieve a rewarding life. I love doing this!

Community Involvement: I serve on the Education Committee of the Financial Planning Association’s Philadelphia Area Chapter. I am a member of the Estate Planning Council of Philadelphia, and, more importantly, I serve as a youth sports coach to my son’s and daughters’ teams.

Personal Pursuits: I live near Philadelphia with my wife, Kami, three growing children, and our dog, Millie. I remain active with fitness, preferring squash and basketball to distract from actually exercising. I read a ton, dabble in creative writing, and enjoy traveling to warm weather locations that offer cheaper prices.

Fun Fact: As a child, I was rescued by a KGB Russian agent. Full story available upon request.


Kevin Harper, MBA

Chief Investment Officer

Career Highlights: I have over 20 years of experience, including nine years working for and investing on behalf of leading Ivy League endowments.

I have also served as the lead portfolio manager for a multi-family office and as an advisor to multi-billion Taft-Hartley and Fortune 50 pension plans. I am a University of Pennsylvania, Wharton undergrad and MBA.

Community Involvement: I am active with the first troop, Philadelphia City Cavalry — America’s oldest active cavalry unit.

Personal Pursuits: I live near Philadelphia with my wife, Nina, and two young daughters.

Fun Fact: I received my letter of recommendation into UPenn’s Wharton school from David Swenson, famed manager of Yale’s Endowment fund.

Stephanie DiSabello

Director of Client Service

Career Highlights:  I have 16 years of experience in our industry helping clients. I joined Junto Wealth in 2015 because I was interested in the wider field of service offerings.  I knew it would expand my capabilities and deepen my client friendships.

I manage projects, ever-chasing progress. Previously, I designed the process landscape to efficiently run one of the biggest advisor teams at Morgan Stanley. And I drew experience from my earlier role at UBS. I am taking on the “tax man,” streamlining his demands on all of us. And I am currently pursuing life planning initiatives.

Personal Pursuits: I am married with two small kids and two abnormally large golden retrievers. In my free time, I enjoy practicing yoga and running to keep up.

Fun Fact: Though not a fan of the water, I was engaged on the shores of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands and then married at Captiva, Florida. I attended both events without a life jacket.


Chand Pattela

Finance and Operations Manager

Career Highlights: Prior to joining Junto Wealth in 2014, I spent 25 years working in the restaurant industry.  At age 14, I started working part-time as a dishwasher.

I studied at Temple University and worked my way up to become a General Manager. My experience with customers, staff and vendors proves crucial to our operations. Also, since my training didn’t rely on calculators, my math and finance approach is very hands-on, which helps with quality control.

Personal Pursuits: I live near Philadelphia. You can often find me at Philly sporting events and the best steakhouses.

Fun Fact: when I was 9 years old, a UPS truck hit me while I was crossing the street on my BMX bike. Luckily, no serious damage, but don’t be surprised if your overnight packages arrive by FedEx!

Kim Angstadt

Client Service Associate

Career Highlights: Before joining our team in 2017, I worked in the fitness and recreation industry.  Upon completion of my bachelor’s degree, I coached a Division-III field hockey program.

Community Involvement: I am an active member of my church. I continue coaching field hockey, working with all ages in various leagues, camps, and clinics.

Personal Pursuits: I live outside Philadelphia. I am active in fitness, including running, Crossfit, and aerobic classes. I have a passion for all kinds of travel and I am always looking to check that next thing off my “bucket list.”

James Gonnason

Financial Planner

Career Highlights: I started on my current path in finance with a full service financial firm, where I partnered with business owners on retirement plans and supported families and individuals in creating a clear, actionable path to achieve their financial goals. I have clients throughout the country and I value and encourage open communication and trust with each relationship.

I started my technical journey with a grant from the National Science Foundation as an optics intern in the Steward Observatory Radio Astronomy Lab. I then became an electronics engineer for space satellites after graduating from the University of Arizona. Through life events and family dynamics, I re-evaluated what I wanted my career to look like and how I wanted to make an impact on the people I work with, and have been helping business owners and families plan their financial futures in the nearly 10 years since.  This shift has allowed me to utilize my technical skills while implementing strategies essential for the financial peace of mind for my clients.  These are people who have experienced everything from hardships like divorce or the loss of a partner, to those who are finding or have found success in business and they all have something in common; they want to take steps to improve their financial situation and feel confident in their future success.

Personal Pursuits: I live outside Philadelphia with my wife and our twin toddlers. I am an avid cyclist and travel-lover (although both passions have been put on hold since the twins arrived). We are currently taking on the challenge of a DIY home remodel, but when we’re not doing that we enjoy spending time with our family, friends, and our neighbors.

Community Involvement: I support Project A.L.S., a non-profit that funds ALS research. Through the fundraising efforts of myself and my family, we raised over half a million dollars and funded a research initiative that has resulted in clinical trial testing of a new drug to treat ALS. I am also a member of the Rotary Club of Blue Bell and have led and participated in many large and small scale efforts to help the local community.

Fun Fact: I’m pretty fun and I know many facts.



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